Mauritius is opening in phases during 2021

In some fantastic news for the travel sector, Mauritius is re-opening to international tourism in two phases. From the 15th of July, Mauritius has re-opened for vaccinated tourists. During this phase vaccinated travellers are welcomed onto the island and will have a choice of accommodation in various categories as an In-Resorts 14-nights stay. During this first phase travellers will be required to present a negative PCR done 5 to 7 days before boarding their flight. On arrival at the airport travellers will have a second PCR and be transferred to their hotel of choice. All travellers will be required to stay only within the hotel grounds for the first 14 days on the island however they will be able to use all of the hotel facilities during their stay. The only restriction is that they will not be able to do any activities outside of the hotel. During the stay at the hotel a PCR will be done on-sight on day 7 and day 14. After 14 days travellers will be able to leave the hotel and explore the Island. This first phase will run until the 30th of September. This phase can also be used by holiday makers who only wish to stay for the 14 days or less.

From the 1st of October the island will be opening completely for tourists again. The condition of entry will continue to be for vaccinated individuals who are able to produce proof of vaccinations and a negative PCR taken 72 hours prior to boarding.

As I am writing this article, I am sitting at Sugar Beach Resorts, one of the designated 5* resorts in phase 1. When Mauritius announced the re-opening, I chose to be one of the first people to arrive on the Island, on the first scheduled commercial flight with Air Mauritius. It was touching to see the excitement of the crew and hotel staff and their eagerness to see the island re-open and be able to offer the exceptional Mauritian hospitality.

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