Maritur DMC


Biography of Adriana Aburto


Adriana Aburto is the Sales Corporate Director of Maritur DMC. She has been working in Maritur for 15 years. She studied international business and has a background on International Finance. She worked at the UN and at multiple Mexican Embassies around the world. She is a Certified Incentive Specialist and is currently taking a Convention Meeting Professional Recognition.  This year, one of the events she led was on the ADMEI Innovative Event Finalist 2019.

Since 2013, Adriana has been leading the Sales Department for Maritur DMC. She´s honored to be representing Maritur, one of the first operating DMC´s in Mexico. While working at Maritur Adriana has been able to fully develop one of her biggest passions, giving back to others through community service.

She has an exceptional ability to understand her client’s unique style and specific needs, making each of her events a one-of-a-kind experience. She defines herself as a passionate, committed, meticulous and multitask collaborator, getting involved in all the operational details of the company, making sure that everything is always beyond expectations.