Argentina is a vast country that covers the most southern portion of South America. It combines the urban streets of Buenos Aires, 'The Paris of South America', the sophisticated wines of Mendoza, the exquisite beauty of the Andes Mountains and the glaciers of Patagonia.


The cosmopolitan and exuberant Buenos Aires is one of the main cities in South America, home to one of the most important tourist and commercial ports on the entire continent.

The city is divided into neighbourhoods, which house clubs, museums and theatres that show their liveliness also from a cultural point of view. In these neighbourhoods you will never get bored, just let yourself be infected by the Argentine passion that you breathe in the streets or catch on the steps of tango in one of the many "Milongas" (Tango places).

Buenos Aires is more than a cultural city, 30 minutes from downtown you can enjoy the Estancias with Gaucho skills demonstrations, their horses and Polo: not only you can watch, but also play polo. To really enjoy it you must abandon any prejudice and immerse yourself in the spirit of one of the most passionate and colourful cities in America.

Iguazú invites you to visit the fantastic Iguazú Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, when you see them you will understand why! They are made up of 275 falls that reach 80 meters in height and, together with the imposing missionary jungle, make up a natural spectacle.

Its magic is difficult to describe, they are the greatest exponent of the power of nature. A destination that invites you to get lost among the walkways of the Iguazú National Park and watch for hours the dance of the waters as they fall.

Would you dare to sail near them? And to fly over them by helicopter? There is more than one option to get close to this natural beauty, discover which one is your favourite!


Mendoza is the largest wine-producing region in Latin America, thanks to its hills and high plains with an extensive artificial irrigation system ideal for viticulture.

It is one of the wine tourism destinations par excellence worldwide, meet its hundreds of wineries that make up the famous Argentine Wine Route. You will find from small to large producers, always ready to offer a glass of wine, surely you will want to take a box of the classic Argentine Malbec home!

But Mendoza is not only wines, it is also an adventure tourism destination for those interested in finding adrenaline-filled activities. You cannot leave Mendoza without rafting its rivers!

Discover the most sophisticated flavours, the magic moments and the exclusive locations that this beautiful region of the Andes has to offer.


The Argentine Northwest is mainly conformed by the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. It offers landscapes full of contrast for travellers to enjoy, from high mountains to salt flats and valleys with native vegetation. People from all around the world are attracted by the colourful hills and the Train to the Clouds, in addition to other attractions. 

This region lets us connect with the Andean culture in every small town through the gastronomy and the markets. From Salta we can access to bike through vineyards, hike with llamas along the surreal Salinas Grandes, trek to remote archaeological sites, dance to lively folk music, ride horses through stunning canyons and many more unique experiences.

Excellent altitude wines are produce in this region as well, specially in the zone of Cafayate. Beautiful altitude wineries and vineyards offer programs to spend the day and pair their wines with local cuisine. 

Puerto Madryn is found in the Patagonic region, more specifically in Peninsula Valdés: a dreamy desert site which mixes great extension of Patagonic steppes with the shore of a calm and incredible sea.

It is said to be the Whales Land, but not only the huge Southern Right Whales visit this zone! Puerto Madryn is a real sanctuary populated with a wonderful fauna that includes birds, penguins, dolphins, wolves, sea lions and the extravagant killer whales. 

Activities in Puerto Madryn get us close to the animals, to watch and learn about them. Each season of the year lets us see different marine animals, depending on when you visit the region.


Bariloche is considered the main city of the Patagonian Lakes district. Surrounded by lakes that enhance the beauty of the place and mountains, it is obvious to say that most of the activities are related with the lakes: sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, rafting or just relaxing to see the outstanding views.

Have you thought about an extraordinary cooking class by the Lake? This Patagonian land is full of surprises! It is a combination of amazing places, unique experiences, and delicious food: the perfect place to create new activities.

A true dream you can enjoy all year around! During Spring and Summer, outdoor activities have the most stunning view and, during the winter season, it becomes the main skiing resort in South America. Bariloche´s Golf courses are also an amazing attraction, as they are in the middle of an unbelievable valley surrounded by an ancient cypress grove and lakes.


El Calafate is a small city located on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, province of Santa Cruz. Its name derives from a plant with yellow flowers called "Calafate", typical of Patagonia, but this one is more well known for its berries that have a dark blue colour and a really delicious sweet flavour, with which exquisite sweets and desserts are made .

Due to the excellent location of the city, it functions as a starting point for tours to visit various points of interest located around, making it an important city for tourism. The main attraction is Los Glaciares National Park, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in Patagonia and even in the world. Their immensity makes us realize how small we are and, we can affirm that, even if you visit them more than once, that feeling does not disappear, it is truly incredible!

But El Calafate is not only glaciers, we also invite you to learn more about excursions outside the National Park and countryside Estancias!


Ushuaia is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego, a geographic area located at the end of the American continent and the Andes mountain range. Due to its position, Ushuaia is known as the End of the World City.

It is located on the banks of the Beagle Channel, a waterway that takes its name from the sailboat that circumnavigated the land under the command of the explorer Fitz Roy, with the naturalist Charles Darwin on board.

Ushuaia does not enchant for its architecture but for its subdued atmosphere, for its natural, green and wild landscapes, which give it a particular charm and give it a feeling of distance from the rest of the world.

A city that depending on the time of year in which it is visited, welcomes us with another landscape, never ceasing to amaze us.


Antarctica is an experience of extremes, as it is the windiest, driest, coldest, and highest continent in the world. It only precipitates approximately 200 mm per year in the coastal zone, with the inland areas even drier.

Despite the harsh nature of the continent, cruise passengers to Antarctica are favoured with spectacular scenery. It is a land of rugged mountain peaks that contrast with the white of the snow and the passage of bright icebergs floating in the dark waters of the sea.

Take a Zodiac ride among blue and white icebergs that rise above the water like mountain peaks, kayak alongside giant whales, watch the curious penguins, dive into a new world under the ice, camp under the polar sky, or climb to an uphill point for spectacular views.




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